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Kinderatelier (9-12​ Jahre)

We take seriously how children of the age group from 9 to 12 years perceive exhibitions and artworks as well as the questions they ask about them. Their own ideas, lives, and worlds play a leading role in discussions and the ways in which they artistically express what they have discovered in the museum. The creative process involves also a focus on art techniques and craftsmanship. With the art mediator Simone Flüeler.

Every two months on Wednesday afternoon, from 2 pm to  4 pm
Language: German
Fee: CHF 10.00
Booking: required

Information and bookings 
T + 41 81 257 28 72 

Gesucht: Erfindergeist!
Der Künstler Roman Signer steckt voller verrückter Ideen. Du auch? Dann komm ins Atelier und beweise es!
Datum: 18. November 2020
Dauer: 14–16 Uhr

Frage einen Künstler
Kinder schreiben den Kunstschaffenden aus der Jahresausstellung einen Brief.
Datum: 20. Januar 2021
Dauer: 14–16 Uhr

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