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der Bündner Künstlerinnen und Künstler
08.12.2013 - 19.01.2014

At the end of the exhibition programme 2013 the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur presents the Annual Exhibition of Artists from Graubünden. The exhibition provides an overview of the current artwork in and from Graubünden. This year 40 artists have been invited to show their work. For this the entire Villa Planta has been made available.

 Eligible for the annual exhibition are artists who are citizens of Graubünden or who grew up here, as well as all those who have been permanent residents in the canton for at least one year. The artists have applied for participation in the exhibition with documentation and an exhibition proposal for a maximum of three works. All the entries were juried, meaning they were either admitted to the show or rejected. The jury consists of one representative of the Bündner Kunstverein (Marco Obrist, Curator Kunsthaus Zug), two representatives of the artists from Graubünden (Menga Dolf, artist and Corina Menn, architect), one member elected by free choice (Christoph Rösch, artist and Director NAIRS) as well as of an external expert (Konrad Bitterli, Curator Kunstmuseum St. Gallen). Of the 115 applications the jury admitted 40 artists for the exhibition. For the chosen positions all the rooms of the Villa Planta have been made available this year.

The public opening of the exhibition is on Saturday, December 7, at 5 pm. On this occasion the new publication of Evelina Cajacob, who received the Kunstpreis of the Südostschweiz Media at the last Annual Exhibition, will be presented. During the exhibition there will be public tours as well as the Art Bar on Thursday evenings inviting those interested to exchange ideas with the artists. Besides, at the opening, as well as on December 13 and 20 there is a performance by Chris Hunter + Alexandra Meyer.

This year the following artists are participating:
Remo Albert Alig, Elia Aubry, Mirko Baselgia, Corina Bezzola, Micha Bietenhader/Selina Frölicher, Notta Caflisch, Evelina Cajacob, Sandra Capaul, Livio Casanova, Robert Cavegn, Seraina Feuerstein, Corsin Fontana, Gabriela Gerber/Lukas Bardill, Conrad Jon Godly, Annatina Graf, Gian Häne, Chris Hunter + Alexandra Meyer, Monica Ursina Jäger, Lilly Keller, Agnieszka Kozlowska, Zilla Leutenegger, Catrin Lüthi K, Patrik Marcet, Gaspare Melcher, Julia Minnig, Ursula Palla, Paolo Pola, Ramona Proyer, Selina Reber, Daniel Rohner, Christoph Rütimann, Gaudenz Signorell/Gioni Signorell, Jules Spinatsch, Georg Tannò, Hannes Vogel, Ester Vonplon, Pascale Wiedemann/Daniel Mettler, Lydia Wilhelm, Dominik Zehnder, Thomas Zindel  

Opening: Saturday, December 7, 5 pm
Speakers: Martin Jäger, Regierungsrat, Stephan Kunz, Director Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur and Andrea Masüger, CEO Südostschweiz Medien
Performance: Chris Hunter + Alexandra Meyer

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