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​Provenance Research at the graubünden museum of fine arts

Aim and object of provenance research is to study the history of artworks and to document ownership structure and change of hands in a preferably unbroken sequence. As a public cantonal institution the Art Museum Graubünden not only bears the responsibility but also has the moral obligation to know the provenance of the artworks in its own collection. With its provenance research the Art Museum Graubünden seeks to create transparency and to gain new scientific insights.


For the second time now the Federal Office for Culture (Bundesamt für Kultur BAK) is supporting provenance research by Swiss museums. Starting in January 2019 to the end of September 2020 the project supported by the BAC for the first time enables a systematic appraisal of provenances of around 73 works, which were added to the collection of the Art Museum Graubünden starting in 1933. In addition, clarification is necessary in the case of different deposits as to whether there is a possible need for an in-depth provenance research. The results will be published online in the collection catalogue after completion of the research.

Mandate for the provenance research at the Graubünden Museum of Fine Arts:
Dr. Carolin Lange and Dr. Thomas Schmutz, Lange & Schmutz Provenienzrecherchen GmbH 


Kindly supported by «SWISSLOS/Kulturförderung, Kanton Graubünden».


Information: Dr. Nicole Seeberger



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